"In a bleak future, Lurkers hunt the last of mankind who cling to their only defense: electric light. But there's one problem, the power is going out."



Lost in the dark - POSTER-NOMS


“In a bleak future, creatures known as Lurkers hunt the last of mankind and fear only one thing: electric light.  As the electricity runs out, Rachel Kinds, a self-reliant hunter, finds herself stranded with a group of desperate survivors.  When a mysterious stranger arrives claiming to know the location of the last city of light, Rachel and the others are forced to decide between faith in the unknown or dependence on themselves before the Lurkers close in and take them into darkness forever.”

Currently In Development

On the success of the short film “Lost in the Dark”, the producer’s are currently in development for the feature film. Sign up to the email list for more information:

"Lost in the Dark" the short film has received 2 awards and 10 nominations and has been screened all over the world. Originally filmed in Melbourne Australia, the team is currently developing the feature film for production in the later half of 2016. Sign up for the email newsletter to stay informed, or contact the team today to find out more.

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  • Lost in the dark - POSTER-NOMS
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